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06/16/2006 UP BEAT NEWS
04/20/2006 NY Observer
04/20/2006 NY POST
04/20/2006 STARR REPORT
04/19/2006 Queens Tribune
04/17/2006 DAILY NEWS Entertainment
04/12/2006 ForeWord this Week
04/05/2006 NY SAG-AZINE
03/14/2006 Learning Annex Seminar
8/18/2005 Back Stage West
Secrets of Voice Over Success: Top Voice-Over Actors Reveal How They Did It
7/11/2005 ADWEEK
Lift Up Your Voices and Sing
6/30/2005 DAILY NEWS
TV & Radio
6/23/2005 Back Stage
Welcome to the World of Promos: It's Not Just Another Voiceover Gig

Credit Union Times
Actors FCU Makes Member's Dream a Reality with Business Purpose Loan for Creative Services

6/12/2005 The Hollywood Reporter - Secrets of Voice Over Success
6/06/2005 inside tv
5/09/2005 TV Week - The Industry's Unseen Talent
4/19/2005 New York Post-Secrets